Forms for Candidates and Objectors
  Rules of Procedure
  Non-Disclosure Form
  Subpoena Form 
  Subpoena Request Form
  Waiver of Service Form - For Candidates
  Waiver of Service Form - For Objectors
  Appearance Form

  Objection Withdrawal Form
  Candidate Withdrawal Form

Historical and Reference Materials for Candidates and Objectors

Index of Electoral Board Decisions - This history of rulings on objection cases is sorted by topic with decisions that were issued by Electoral Boards and the courts. This document is intended to serve as a reference tool for candidates and objectors.

Library of Electoral Board Decisions - This document provides links to every Chicago Electoral Board decision issued since 1980, sorted by year and case number. This document is searchable by the last names of candidates or the lead objectors. (Updated Jan. 2021)

Seminar on How to Navigate the Petition Objection Process  Click here for seminar videos.

Board By-Laws   Ethics Policy