April 2 Run-Off Elections

Registered to Vote?

   Check your registration status

   Register to vote online using an IL driver's license or an IL state ID through 11:59 pm on Sun., March 17.

   Early Voting & Registration March 15 through April 1 (Register and vote during the same visit.)

Early Voting & Registration Through April 1 - Locations and hours
- Chicago voters who are: (1) already registered or (2) need to register for the first time or (3) need to file a name change or file an address change may use any Early Voting site in the City.
 - March 15 - April 1:
Early Voting at the Loop Super Site
 - March 18 - April 1: Early Voting at any of the 51 Chicago sites for early voting
 - Information on ID for voting, registering or updating your registration name or your registration address.

Vote by Mail - Apply online for your Vote By Mail ballot starting March 5
No excuse is needed. All Chicago voters may Vote By Mail.
 - March 28 – Deadline is 5 pm for all Vote By Mail applications from civilians inside the United States to be received by Election Board. Chicago voters may apply online starting March 5. Or, original hard-copy applications must be submitted in person, by mail or by certified courier. By law, we cannot accept email or fax applications from civilians inside the United States.
PLEASE NOTE: Although this is the legal deadline to apply, the Board strongly encourages filing applications to Vote By Mail by mid-March to ensure the voter has time to receive and return the ballot with a postmark on or before April 2.
 - March 29 - April 1 – Missed a deadline? Vote in-person at the Election Board at 69 W. Washington St. or any Early Voting site.
 - April 2 Last day for postmark on the envelope to return a Vote By Mail ballot.
 - April 2 If a voter decides not to return the Vote By Mail ballot by Election Day, the voter may submit the Vote By Mail ballot to the judges at the precinct and polling place for that voter's home address, and then cast a ballot in person. If the Vote By Mail ballot was lost or did not arrive, the voter may sign a "cancellation of Vote By Mail ballot affidavit" and cast a provisional ballot, also at the precinct and polling place for that voter's home address.
 - April 16 Last day that a mailed Vote By Mail ballot (postmarked or certified April 2 or earlier) may arrive at the Election Board to be included in the count.

ELECTION DAY: TUES., APRIL 2, 2019 - Learn more
On Election Day, a voter may cast a ballot only at the polling place assigned to that voter's registration precinct. Hours are 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Find your polling place here.

Click here for a complete list of polling places.